Today's generation, be it through exposure to the internet or societal evolution, is far less concerned with maintaining the conventions of gender identity. Artists like Young Thug, who have unabashedly worn "ladies" or "girls" clothing, are breaking the definition heteronormality—particularly in the realm of personal style. For Acne Studio's latest campaign, founder Jonny Johansson's 11-year-old son Frasse represents the latest chapter in challenging gender-norms; notably carrying laides purses and wearing heels in the brand's new campaign imagery.

When planning the Autumn/Winter 2015 campaign photos, creative director Jonny Johansson immediately pictured his son Frasse—citing a "new breed" of individual that's unique to today's kids. "I've seen this new generation's attitude to fashion where the cut, the shape and the character of the garment is the crucial thing," said Johansson in a press release. According to Johansson, these attributes of character take precedence to "following set norms." 

Johannson thought of using his son in the Viviane Sassen-shot campaign almost immediately, with Johannson admitting, "he embodies this new breed to me."



While the campaign features a boy in non-traditional silhouettes, the images themselves are stylized in a minimalist aesthetic that should be familiar with fans of the brand. Frasse wears waist-accentuating coats, tight trousers, heels, ostentatious jewelry, and carries ladies bags. Regardless of the model chosen, there's plenty for ladies (or guys) to look forward to from Acne Studios when the collection is available later this month.

While the mentality behind this campaign is certainly becoming more common, it's sure to turn heads when the images are plastered around cities like New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong as outdoor advertising.

The Fall/Winter 2015 collection will be available beginning Sept. 10.