Instagram has proven to be one of the most useful marketing tools in the realm of fashion. Brands are not only getting exposure through their own posts, but through the accounts of celebrities and Instagram-famous people who share product shots with millions of followers. But which brands are profiting the most?

Earlier this summer, we reported on a WWD article that ranked the most popular fashion brands on Instagram, with Nike topping the list. But, recently, department store Macy’s decided to collect its own data and assemble an interactive chart of the top 20 most Instagrammed brands to date … and the results weren’t that much different.

As expected, Nike led both categories with 47.7 million mentions and 18.7 followers. For the followers list, adidas came in second with 6.4 million, followed by Louis Vuitton (6.1 million), Dolce & Gabbana (5 million), and Michael Kors (5 million). The top five brands in the mentions category behind Nike were Prada (18.7 million), Gucci (17.9 million), Dior (17.5 million), and Hermès (14.8 million).

Other notable brands included in the top 20 were Ralph Lauren, Converse, Vans Shoes, and Calvin Klein.

To see the interactive charts, as well as learn about Macy's methodology, click here.

Image via Macy's