This just in: Most of the people who use dating apps are superficial as fuck. Especially the guys.

To prove this point, 22-year-old beauty vlogger Alexa Mitchell, aka Maican Girl, conducted a small social experiment to see how guys on Tinder would react to her makeup-free photos. And to no one’s surprise, a lot of the dudes weren’t down with the “all natural” look.

As shown in the YouTube video above, Mitchell began the Tinder experiment by uploading three photos of herself without any makeup. She then swiped right on 100 men, and waited five hours before receiving a total of 16 matches. That’s right, 16 matches out of 100 guys.

Mitchell then took the same three images and put them through a retouching app called Relook. Through there, she was able to get rid of lines, remove blemishes, whiten her teeth, and add a filter—making the photos appear anything but natural. After she uploaded the altered images, she swiped right 100 more times and waited another five hours.

So how many matches did she get the second time? A whopping 73. That’s a pretty insane increase, people.

Take a look at the revealing experiment in the video above.