UPDATE (8/31/15): When Stuart Valentino drunkenly tattooed a six-inch penis on his thigh, he probably wasn't considering the ramifications. However, since inking himself, his wife left him and he couldn't even go on normal outings with his children. Unsurprisingly, Valentino is hoping to rectify his mistake and win his wife back by getting the penis tattoo lasered off, the Daily Mail reports. "It hurt like hell getting it removed, but it's the best thing that I could do, short of amputation," he told the Daily Mail. The operation reportedly cost the UK prankster over $1,500. 

Valentino is still in the process of getting the drawn-on penis lasered off. His tattoed member has dissolved from a noticeable boner (pun intended) to the faint outline of a horrible mistake. 

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Notorious UK prankster Stuart Valentino has apparently gone an inch, or six and a half, too far with his latest joke. After inking himself with a drawing of a penis that measures over a half-a-foot, he has apparently been kicked out of the house he shared with his wife and children, the Daily Mail reports.

Valentino is known as the "world’s most annoying husband," according to the Daily Mail, and he has previously pranked his wife, Samantha, by writing "Dick" on her head while she slept and caused her to vomit by eating what was fake cat poop. However, this prank's lengthy list of ramifications, were apparently too much for her. Because of the tattoo Valentino can no longer take his daughter to swimming lessons and the family couldn't go on vacation out of fear that the tattoo would peek out of swim trunks.

"It really is the stupidest thing I've ever done," he told the Daily Mail. "I had no idea that a joke could ruin my life. I'm devastated I've lost my family, and frustrated with myself. I can't blame anyone else... We argued non-stop. It would cost nearly £1,000 to remove, something that could have been spent on a family holiday." 

Ironically enough, Valentino did this to himself with a tattoo gun that his wife bought him for Christmas. 

Guys, if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, you might be wise to check in with your significant other first. Another woman broke up with her boyfriend after he got Skepta tattooed on his hip last month.