The relationship between the worlds of fashion and color is intense. Palettes change rapidly. Pastels are in one season, then jewel tones take off the next. Spring means brighter shades, while fall means muted earth colors. But there is one constant that we all know and love: BLACK. We wear it, we love it and we constantly look for more of it. And according to recent research, it's the best color (or absence of color, if you want to be a fucking nerd about it) to wear if you want others to see you as attractive, intelligent and confident.

A recent survey found that 66% of women liked to see men dressed in black. So when you wear black, preferably layered up with loose and flowing hemlines, women find you more attractive. But it doesn't stop there. Nope, even when it comes to intelligence, black was also the leader in the clubhouse at 45% of people associating black with the intelligence of the wearer. Now, as The Independent points out, this survey was done by a wholesale T-shirt company, but a 2010 study also found similar results, so you can leave your #staywoke tweets at the door. Black and red were the two top color choices associated with attractiveness in that study as well.

As if your wardrobe choices were not already clearly laid out for you, now we have a little more proof to justify your murdered out look to your mom, who probably just thinks you are some type of goth.

[Photo via Joshua Woods]