Vic Mensa went hard with his outfit at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Honoring activist Assata Shakur (Auntie of Tupac) with a T-shirt bearing her image on the front, Mensa called out police brutality on the back of his suit jacket. In bold print is the phrase "KKKOPS ARE THE BIGGEST GANG," as well as the equally incisive shoutouts to anarchy: "FUCK BUSINESS" and "DESTROY REVOLUTIONS."








The outfit is a collaboration between designer Franc Fernandez and the Chicago-born rapper. Explaining the process behind the look, Fernandez told Complex via email, "We usually collaborate over text or email, but since he was in L.A. we worked a little closer this time. He wanted to include Assata Shakur in the imagery which I thought was so dope. He and his team also has the idea to take existing activist patches and cutting them up ransom note style and making a new message. So we cut a bunch up on the floor of my place and matched phrases and words up."

Mensa continues to flex, building on his anti-police statements from his "U Mad" video, by bringing his outspoken attitude to show.