When Y-3 finally figured out it would be a great idea to drop an all-black version of the instant classic Qasa High last year, 11 years after the brand was initially  founded, it struck both a gold mine and a cord with sneaker lovers around the world. The shoes promptly flew off shelves and, in some ways, sparked a bit of murder-out sneaker mania. Now, every shoe comes in an all-black colorway. Coincidence? Probably. But it was clear that people were willing to shell out $400+ for a pair of these crazy scientific, technological concoctions. So, being the smart-minded business that it is, Y-3 was logical enough to bring 'em back. We can safely assume that we'll probably be seeing them every season from now 'til infinity. Hopefully, you don't miss out this time because they're officially back like Jordan wearing the four five and available at the Y-3 online shop right now.