I don't know about you guys, but during my freshman year of college I was very into The North Face. The first week of school a bunch of us took the bus downtown to go shopping. We ended up at The North Face shop that was in the ground floor of the John Hancock building. I remember I purchased a backpack with the quickness while this girl who wore Mavi jeans and had a tattoo of a fairy on the very top of her foot looked on. I was like, "Yeah, I needed a backpack anyway, you know, for school." I don’t know why I thought a questionably rationalized purchase would impress her especially since it was my very first purchase on the credit card my parents gave me exclusively for emergencies. But hey, a few days later we totally smoked cigarettes together while lamenting how lame school was turning out to be. If you want to fail to impress a girl in Mavi jeans, you should recklessly cop some North Face gear like this jacket with someone else's money.