This is what science means when it asks, "Have humans gone too far?" It happened when we first figured out how to clone sheep and I'm pretty sure also when the Fleshlight was invented. But these Suicoke sandals have redefined what it means to go too far and I think I'm down with it. We have truly crossed the line or, perhaps, just blurred it even further. These sandals are basically cut out from an UGG boot with a couple added straps, but somehow, some way, they seem dope. Honestly, these barely even qualify as sandals. I'm not sure there has ever been a more Four Pins-approved footwear option for walking your dog in the winter, as you take the lil homie directly out in front of your apartment for five minutes, muttering to it about pooping, only to have it sit down and stare at you before going back inside and just shitting next to your couch instead. At least your toes will be warm.