'Fit feedback is a popular topic on Reddit's sub-forums centered around male style, which is great news for one dad who is "trying to get into streetwear / fashion." The reddit user ejn07 posted the photo of his aspiring style icon of a dad ~effortlessly blending high and low fashion~ with a T-shirt and shorts straight out of the normcore movement, two luxury bags from Louis Vuitton and Gucci, a pair of adidas Ultra Boosts, and a couple bands peeking out of his waistband. 

The community on Reddit wasted no time in spreading the snark on heavy while talking about what they thought about the dad's look and what he could to improve it. 

Someone claiming to be the dad also explains the origin story behind the photo. Apparently, it all started with a pair of sneakers, as most good things do. "Hey, I'm the dad," user overdiek writes in his one and only post to Reddit. "No rage here, and don't know what a meme is. I just love the shoes that my son convinced me to buy. And then we had a little fun with it. That's all."