I'm still fucking with cardigans and I still fuck with the Mister Rogers' maneuver of throwing on a comfortable sweater and/or sweatshirt to kick it once you get home, specifically because I keep my apartment at, like, 65 degrees at all times so I can layer up while I eat microwaveable snacks and watch TV while watching another smaller screen to keep up with other people's reactions to what I'm watching on the bigger screen. I know if I loved the environment and mother nature, I'd chill with all the electricity usage, but you know what? Back in the day, I forced my entire family to install water saving faucets and I planted, like, 7 trees in our backyard and even had my family walk to places instead of driving. But that motherfucker Captain Planet never dropped by to give me a dope ass power ring as a reward for my efforts. If I can't use a ring to burn shit and light firecrackers then Mother Nature can go suck a lemon.