Stephan Schneider makes clothes for that period in your life when you finally calm down. As in you have completely shut down most of your competitive instincts, you stop letting social norms pressure you into careers and jobs just for the money and you don't really go out that much anymore because you're just too busy doing all the shit you've always wanted to do. Normally, this type of zen-like response to the world would make all of your friends murder you, but you're just so calm and happy and at peace with things that they can't even be mad, especially because ever since you stopped caring about money, you started making money consulting with fashion brands and consulting means you never have to really explain what it is that you do and because you're touch can be so ineffable, but so important, you get paid a lot regardless of whether or not you actually create anything. You wear deceptively simple sweaters like this one and don't even care if people notice the subtle crepe-like texture or the tonal band on the side seam.