Oh man, imagine the feeling you'd have whist gliding into your one friend that has a backyard's bonfire party that's really just a charcoal grill on the ground and some twigs burning while wearing this Simon Miller wool coat. Yeah, it's pretty long—duster length, in fact—but that's perfect for looking like the way Hollywood portrays writers that have had one successful book and are put off by fame and riches while beset with publishing deadlines. They'll try to write a new book, but will unexpectedly fall in love with a quirky woman that upsets all their writerly neuroses. He'll eventually come up with an idea at the exact same moment he realizes how to win back the quirky woman who he momentarily loses due to a highly unlikely series of events that lead to the misunderstanding that undid them. That guy always starts the flick out in, like, a raggedy wool coat or bathrobe, smoking cigarettes or a joint, while being a charming curmudgeon to a pet cat or German Shepherd.