From the house of creative group Gentlemen Scholar comes Scholar MFG, the eco-friendly, luxe, leather goods manufacturer for the stars. The brand boasts a sustainable, high-quality array of leather travel accessories, that you can get through its online shop.

Armed with expertise in animation, branding, and "advanced technical understanding," SFMG, as it's referred to, looks to bring their talents to the physical game. Under the twin guiding principles of "Luxury & Utility," SFMG produces handcrafted lifestyle goods for clients to use in films and ads as props or accessories.

When you need an Italian leather backpack so buttery, it could make Ryan Gosling sweat, these are your go-to guys. Speaking of which, Gentleman Scholar all-stars William Campbell and Will Johnson are the makers behind this vision. They're the production scientists behind some of the visuals for Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers and that loud Skullcandy ad that D-Rose did a while back.