UPDATE: Brady Olson's father has tweeted that Deez Nuts has yet to release any official merchandise.

See original story from 8/24/15 below.

Polls show that more and more of you are becoming supporters of Deez Nuts, the 15-year-old Iowan actually named Brady Olson who is running for President. Now, you can publicly pledge your allegiance to Nuts by rocking the candidate's newly launched official T-shirt, Cherry News reports.

The T-shirt has been launched by Nuts' camp in order to build further recognition for his campaign. "With the launch of the official T-Shirt campaign, more people might become aware of the lesser-known candidates in the 2016 race for president," a source at Cherry News told WDRB

Believe it or not, Nuts is actually polling relatively well—at one point, better than all but four Republican candidates—despite being found out as a 15-year-old. He currently has 8 percent support in Iowa and 9 percent in North Carolina and is the top Independent candidate. 

Spread awareness for Deez Nuts and his quest to be President by picking up the T-shirt here.