Oh, the world of fashion magazines. The feat of producing a dope, beautiful end product is a pretty intense one, but there's also the added pressure of having things on your pages that don't appear anywhere else. Like, you wouldn't see two magazines run a profile of the same celebrity in the same monthly issue. The same thing goes for elaborate and glamorous fashion spreads. The looks have to be unique, which is why Prada has found itself in a bit of hilarious hot water regarding the big business September issues of a few magazines.

According to Page Six, someone at Prada fucked up and loaned out the same dress (although in different colors) to too many mags. Most notably, the September issues of Vogue Japan and Harper's Bazaar UK feature the dress on both their cover stars Katy Perry and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley respectively. That's a bit embarrassing, but it doesn't end there. The dress, seen on the runway here, also appeared in spreads in Marie Claire and InStyle. W's cover story shoot with Gigi Hadid apparently also featured the dress, but word is that editors removed it once they found out it had been ridden like the town bicycle.

This is both funny and ridiculous in all the types of negative ways people view the fashion industry already. Namely, snobby, vapid and pointless. Don't you think that someone might have caught onto the fact that this one particular dress was inordinately popular and being sent out to multiple titles in the same time frame? Maybe. Maybe not. But apparently one person was responsible for the loaning out process, so this shit is on them. Naturally, they're no longer with Prada, but not because they were fired for such egregious generosity. Nope, he or she actually got another job with a different company. So much for the dreaded fashion blacklist. Though, I mean, who hasn't fudged their resume at one point or another?