Wow, PONY really fucking did it, guys. This new branch of the company, called "Product of New York," is founded on the history of the brand, but also goes in a totally new direction, kick starting the heart of a somewhat lifeless brand. Meant to be a more premium product, F/W 15's slick debut is pretty fire and totally unexpected if we're being completely honest. The lows, runners and mids are quite clean, almost seamless, have minimal, but sufficient branding and come in at an affordable price, albiet we're yet to find out what that price is exaftly. We also have a super sky high in the M-110 that has all the shit kicking capabilities of a serious winter boot. The video lookbook teaser PONY dropped is a fucking stunner as well. Premium, minimal sneakers are a trend we're all too familiar with these days, but hopefully the pricepoint on these will be more in-line and affordable than the trash carbon copies out there. If any of these catch your eye, they'll be available on Monday morning at 11am EST.