Over at Japanese magazine Honeyee, we have some news about two of the more interesting people in fashion, Virgil Abloh and Hiroshi Fujiwara, who are teaming up for a collabo entitled "Off-Black." Hiroshi and Virgil both talked to the magazine about the inspiration behind the collection and while Hiroshi's section looks it is all done in Japanese and Google Chrome won't translate it for us, Virgil's section is in English so we can thankfully take some notes out of there.

The most notable aspect here is probably the little "A" logo that the collaboration has. In replacing the word "White" with "Black" on the garments, Virgil and Hiroshi decided to meld together the signature Fragment lightning bolt logo and the "A" to create a sort of new take on the symbol for anarchy we're all familiar with because we were once in middle school too. From what we can see, the big piece looks to be a flannel shirt with an enormous A and lightning bolt on the back and the hazard stripes down the sleeves that Virgil loves so much. Then there's a pair of espadrilles with the same set-up: "A" logo on the upper and hazard stripes down the side and rear quarter. Whether there will be more gear as a part of the collection, we're yet to find out. "Off-Black" drops on August 29th. Hopefully we'll have more information as to where it can be copped soon, though I would imagine Fujiwara's The Pool Aoyama is a safe bet.

UPDATE: We have some photos here that lay out the collection, which looks like it consists just of a t-shirt, two flannel blankets and two tote bags done in tartan plaid with the Off-Black logo. See the collection above.