Wow, stockists really went the fuck off with OAMC F/W 15. Everybody got a piece of the action and ended up getting so many dope pieces, mostly because OAMC is the shit. I guess that makes it easy. Anyhow, I really like this long, white popover shirt for its details and overall ethos. I look at it like I would a woman: The entire thing is pretty great on its own, but the small details and quirks are what really makes it. Particularly, the grosgrain strip down the side and the weird D-ring hook on the back. Are you ever going to actually use that D-ring to hang this shirt? Probably not, but it would make for a great Instagram photo to show how you have all this baller gear, but you don't actually care all that much about it and are willing to risk the creases and pulls just to utilize a pointless feature. That's like having having a massages feature on your showerhead and actually using it on your back or some shit.