This puffer by OAMC is just really cool if we're being totally honest with one another, which I would encourage because that's the foundation of any strong relationship. When it comes to winter and summertime, I really like to go outdoors just so I'm able to say, "I spent most of the day outside" when I make small talk with people:

"What did you do this weekend?"

"Oh, I spent most of the time outside just taking it in, ya know?"

"Dude, it was 110 (or 10) degrees the whole time."

"Yeah, sometimes you just gotta get after it."

People look at you like a fucking weirdo if you actually spend time outdoors in extreme situations. So, yeah, I would probably just lounge in my apartment while wearing this puffer jacket since my apartment building's heat is not that reliable. One time, it was going full blast so hard I had to open the windows in December while the next week it just didn't work for a day or two. Being in your 20s is all about unreliable real estate experiences.