You guys, I saw our good friend Nick Grant ask Maas & Stacks on Twitter what jacket was in this shot they posted and they were like, "Oh, it's a NOMA t.d. flight jacket featuring photographs taken by Rinko Kawauchi." So I immediately hopped on the Google Chrome machine and looked the jacket up. It's a flight jacket made from linen and the sleeve pocket is a nice iteration on the now ubiquitous MA-1 detail. I would very much wear this jacket with a gray tall tee and, like, four chains. People would be like, "How'd you find that dope ass jacket that's a little bit Raf and a whole lot of dope?" And I'd be like, "Well, I've always been a fan of the label and the photographer..." and never admit I found it via an interaction my homie had on the timeline. That right there is the secret to becoming an expert on the Internet. Let other people do the work and take all the credit.