Nicki Minaj apparently has no use for a $11,000 gold Emilio Pucci dress. Minaj brought the dress to her brother's wedding over the weekend and left without it, TMZ reports

What's more, it appears that the rapper didn't even wear the $11k dress at all that night. Minaj has posted almost 10 photos from the event to her Instagram and in every one she is wearing a red dress from Alexander McQueen. Maybe dropping over $10,000 on a dress she had no intention of wearing was merely a giant flex on Minaj's part. 

Image via TMZ

The owner of the Coral House, the venue where Minaj's brother got married, has faced difficulties in trying to get the dress back to the rapper. The owner told TMZ that while someone has already been in contact about picking up the dress, he was wary that they were not actually connected to Minaj and refused them. 

Minaj's style for the wedding has already caused quite a stir after Instagram users started bashing the rapper's hair. Minaj swiftly called out the trolls by giving them a taste of their own medicine.