PROJECT Las Vegas has launched a special section that wants to teach its attendees about how crucial premium denim is to the fashion industry. The new section, entitled "BLUE," is an interactive exhibit that features new technology alongside artwork from participants, like streetwear artist Mr. Brainwash. 

Mr. Brainwash, real name Thierry Guetta, has created a number of distinct denim-based creations for BLUE that are splattered with paint and paired with other artworks and phrases. The denim, some of which have the word "Punks" written on them, is seen hanging off a life-size recreation of a Campbell's soup can that has been transformed into a spray paint canister and mixed in with other artwork. Pieces are featured with recognizable Mr. Brainwash creations, like Albert Einstein holding up a "Love Is the Answer" sign and a mural with "Follow Your Dreams" written across it. 

The "BLUE" section also included a showcase of top denim fabric technology from denim manufacturer ISKO and custom jeans designed by Levi's., Diesel, Hudson, J Brand, and 3x1.

​Scroll through Mr. Brainwash's denim creations below.