Earlier this week, we discovered that Kim Kardashian's art book, "Selfish" looked like it was going to be a flop. But today, the book's publisher, Rizzoli, tweeted out an image of the book, noting that book just hit it's fourth printing, and was on its way to success. 

Even though initial reports saw the book selling only 32,000 copies and hitting sale racks in bookstores on and offline, Rizzoli claims the book has actually sold over 100,000 copies, "and counting."

Naturally, Kardashian showed her support through social media:



While the timing and bias of the tweet seems a little suspicious, there's no denying that the book is filled to the brim with plenty of juicy Kardashian-centric information. Considering that her family's television show on E! had over 2.5 million viewers for the current season's premier episode, it's safe to assume that at least some percentage (for you math nerds, that's about 4%) of those fans are interested in Kim K's personal photos.

Don't sleep, the Kardashian clan is a lot smarter than people give them credit for.