Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic offered a master class in Los Angeles last month that taught attendees how to achieve the reality star's look. However, we have a feeling that even if you were in attendance it will be hard to recreate Kardashian's daily makeup routine. Cosmopolitan did a breakdown of all the products used in the 50 steps and the total cost came out to $1,200. 

The most expensive item on the list, a bronzer by Charlotte Tilbury, doesn't even hit triple digits, clocking in at $68. However, when you're applying a myriad of products over 50 steps, things add up quickly. If you include the pricey tools that Kardashian uses, the grand total comes out to $1,676.72. 

Given the enormous price, what Kardashian's class really should have taught was how to become famous so you could just get free products, even if you misspell the designer's name