Michael Jordan may be the Jumpman and a name that sells an incredible amount of sneakers, but Jerry Seinfeld is "the most important celebrity in sneaker culture" according to sneaker historian Gary Warnett over at Complex Sneakers. Admittedly, we're big fans of Jerry and Seinfeld here at the Pins.

Throughout the long-running and historic show, Jerry wears a combination of straight up heat and now fairly obscure sneakers, but it wasn't just a prop for arguably the greatest sitcom of all time. Seinfeld personally owns tons of shoes and when they get a little too damaged for his taste, he tends to give them away to charity. Back in the day, his office overflowed with shoe boxes and he would often gift extras to cast and crew. Nike absolutely had him on their seeding list and rather than keep them on ice or in storage, Seinfeld wore his kicks. Even since the show's been been off the air, he's stayed very much involved in the world of sneakers, like the now sort of legendary scene with Kevin Hart on "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" where the two hit Undefeated LA for some sneaker shopping.

But the best part about Seinfeld, in my mind, is that he embodies a different kind of sneakerhead. He loves Shoxs even though so many people think they're hideous. His sneaker taste is off the beaten path and original, despite his affinity for Jordans. He wants what he wants because he likes 'em and will wear 'em. There's something admirable about that, something about being true to yourself or some similar corny bullshit. Be sure to read the full piece on Complex Sneakers for some other amazing nuggets.