You guys ever get super annoyed when you hear about a sample sale only to find out you have to live in New York in order to partake? FUCK THAT NOISE. I’m not putting up with a summer where an ENTIRE city smells like pee. Summer is, like, three months. That’s three months of hot, humid pee-smelling concrete just for some deals on gear. Not worth it. But, thanks to the internet, it’s possible to virtually shop at The Hill-Side’s sample sale. Remember when everyone used to add “virtual” in front of everything you did on the internet? I wish I could obtain real things via virtual shopping. That way the debt I’ve accrued could be considered virtual as well. The first nominee to drop the words "forgive" and "all student loan debt" in the same sentence will be my presidential choice.

Anyways, my particular financial situation aside, hit up this particular url between now and August 12th to buy stuff at prices low enough to justify purchasing scarves and tote bags when you don’t even have a week’s supply of food in your house.