As far as today's drops are concerend, the homies at Gioventu really did It with their new Estate shirt. It's made of oxford cotton, but doesn't come with a button-down collar, instead opting for a spread and comes with double zippers instead of buttons all together. But it's the flat hem and added length that makes it perfect for layering and the mesh side panels add a little something extra. The Estate shirt comes in bone, cement and camel, which are just synonyms for white, light grey and tan. Why is it the "Estate" shirt? I like to think that it would be the perfect shirt to wear on your wraparound porch while drinking a sweet tea way too early in the morning. Granted, the shirt has to be unzipped complete with no undershirt and paired with luxe pajama bottoms. But that's just me. Cop it now and figure out how to acquire an actual estate later.