We are admitted fans of drones here at Four Pins, which is why this story MUST NOT GO UNNOTICED. In Maryland, authorities uncovered a plot revolving around contraband being dropped into a state-run maximum security correctional facility via drone.

Police spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle off the highway near the complex and pulled it over for a search. Inside were two men, a drone, a handgun, porn DVDs and the synthetic weed replacement K-2. The drone probably would not be able to handle the payload of the handgun, but is capable of towing around half a pound of stuff, so the DVDs and packets of K-2 are definitely not out of the question. This is goddamn incredible. I've seen Orange Is The New Black, so I understand how the prison contraband system works. Okay, not really, but this is some pretty solid ingenuity. There are only so many ways to get the good stuff into a such a heavily policed environment. There's the famous up-the-butt method that we've all see on TV and in movies or the system of going through crooked guards onsite. But when standard contraband routes are no longer feasible, that's where the drones come in. You gotta get your boys to coordinate a specific drop window and site to reap what you sow. As genius as this may seem to you and me, prisoners have apparently been up on game. Just last month, a drone in Ohio dropped heroin, marijuana and tobacco into a prison yard that resulted in a straight-up brawl.

There's still more to this developing case. The two men busted with the drone have been charged and the inmate associate had his cell searched. Not to be outsmarted, prisons across the country are now looking into installing drone detection systems. Head over to WBAL-TV for some more details on the poster children for illicit drone drops.