Women love a man in a suit. From Cary Grant to Don Draper, the suit has made the man for generations, and has remained a male fashion staple.  If you want to hear about a woman's love for a good suit, just ask them. When we asked women what looks they love to see in a Tinder profile, the only constant was that the ladies don't object when they see a man suited up.

So all you have to do is line your closet with suits and you're good to go? If only it were that easy. What do women really mean when they say they love a man in a suit? Does a man suited up stand a better chance than a more casually dressed dude? Is a lady more likely to swipe right if that dress pant is tailored just right? We hit up a number of ladies about a guy's chances if he's dressed to the nines versus decked out in hyped items like bomber jackets, stacked skinny denim, and awesome sneakers. Here's what they told us when we asked: Do Women Prefer Dudes in Suits or Streetwear?