David Casavant has accumulated one of the most ridiculous collections of archive clothing from influential designers, mostly Helmut Lang and Raf Simons. The 25-year-old finds most of the rare pieces on eBay and has been able to turn his racks of v. rare clothing into a legitimate business, reports Quartz

While Casavant started off trading off meals for clothes, he now furnishes names like Kanye West, who wore a 2001 Raf Simons jacket from the collector's archive, and Rihanna with designer duds that are basically off-limits to everyone else. The stylist got his break when someone referred West to him, something that Casavant had been dreaming of. "I knew he'd just love it," he says in the video. "[West] told me he loved being able to see it in person, which is part of the reason I do it." Casavant also keeps a blog and Instagram where he posts about the editorials his pieces are featured in. 

In the video, Casavant goes into detail about how his collection of Helmut Lang started and how the designer has changed how men dress today. "He sort of just redefined the way men dressed," he claims. The video cites how Lang popularized denim and focused on the details to make the type of clothes dudes love. "The tag is cool, you can see what it's lined with, what the cuffs are made out of, bondage details if it has it, the idea of the backpack strap [jacket], so you can wear it as a backpack."

Watch the video about Casavant and his collection above.