Did you guys miss out on those dusty ass Raf Stans a while back that the editors at Four Pins called "the shoe of the season" or whatever only to then post a pic of them on their personal Instagram feeds like, "SEE? WE TOLD YOU DICKBAGS"? Anyways, now you can cop these Common Projects in a similar nude-ish shade and you'll have a kind of strug version. What world are we living in where Common Projects are the struggle version of Stan Smiths? ONE IN WHICH THE WORLD'S ECONOMY IS CURRENTLY TAKING A NOSEDIVE. BUY FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR SNEAKERS TO DO YOUR PART TO RE-ENERGIZE THE GLOBAL MARKET. Or, you know, if the financial system is on the verge of complete and utter collapse, get out some coke dream credit card purchases. In a few months, Discover Card probably won't even exist anymore.