Clothsurgeon continues to expand its offerings, this time opting for an "essentials" approach with a small collection of Italian-knit jersey fleece pieces. There are four pieces in four different colors: hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, tees and pants in black, gunmetal, grey and olive. The hoodies and pants come equipped with hidden zippers and cuffs, so if you want to pretend that you're "over" side-zips, you can go that route and never unzip them, vven though it's just ergonomically sound to allow the garment to split like that. These pieces also come in a nice, broken-in washed look rather than like they came straight out of the dye vat, which is cool since that's more or less the high-end route these days. With the minor distressing around the cuffs, hems (which are big and exaggerated) and neck openings, it'll look like you've worn this shit for months rather than just when you're popping a 'gram. You can pick up the entire collection right now from Clothsurgeon.