Need any more proof that video game designers are living the life? Then check out this incredible house owned by Chad Findley of Activision.

Findley, who has had a hand in designing games like “Call of Duty,” “Tony Hawk,” “Apocalypse,” and “Guitar Hero,” recently listed his L.A. family home for $1.85 million. According to Business Insider, the pad is located in the Beverly Grove neighborhood, and was originally a one-story house when Findley and his wife purchased it in 2003; however, after living there for a few years, the designer completely pimped out his crib by adding an entire second floor and doing major renovations to the first.

The 2,624-square-foot house now features three bedrooms, a spacious living room, an insane backyard pool, and a custom-made coffee table with built-in motors. But the most baller feature of the home has to be the row of tall bookcases, which actually hide the house's secret rooms (one disguises a storage area, another disguises a mini bar). Pretty next level if you ask us. 

You can check out photos from the listing below.