Matt Ortile has a problem. Dude has a lot of suits and he never wears them. He's self-aware enough to understand that wearing a suit to his workplace, BuzzFeed, is a bit ridiculous. I imagine the dress code there is something along the lines of kitten casual. But he still decided to bust out his suit collection for a full week in the sweltering New York heat. Why exactly he did this, we're not totally sure. Most likely to get that sweet, sweet #content. Either way, sometimes the only way to break through a weird mental block is to just do some shit, so here we are.

Throughout the week, Matt was convinced that he was somewhere between too dressed-up and way too hot, especially considering that last week in NYC was a scorcher in every definition of the word. Not to get all "I've been there before," but I also remember the days when I felt like I wanted to wear a suit every single day. You meticulously plan your shirts, ties, shoes and squares. It feels grown up, like you've reached some imaginary threshold you and your parents were aiming for. But then the existential dread sets in. You start to discover that clothing is a wide-ranging and incredibly dynamic aspect of your life and the suits start to fall by the wayside in favor of other looks. Plus, sometimes it's just way too fucking hot out for anything other than a T-shirt. And, like, there's no real reason to be dressed in a suit when you have the flexibility not to when the weather is straight up against you. That's just inefficient dressing.

Listen, guys who suit up all the time eventually lie to themselves and say they're comfortable always wearing a suit, but that's such a bold-faced lie that I can't even imagine falling into such a state of sheer lunacy. The primary lesson that Matt learned here is that the most important thing is to dress in a way that makes you feel good. Whether that comes in suit form or not, is up to you. No shit. Just don't invoice us your rent when you get fired from your corporate gig for wearing a Rick Owens tank top.

[Photo via Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed]