Banksy, or a street artist alleging to be Banksy, has created this "Dismaland"-themed artwork centered around Paris Hilton, the Mirror reports

The spray paint mural of Hilton popped up in the UK town Kidderminster, which is roughly 95 miles north of the site of "Dismaland," Weston-super-Mare, England. It features the The Simple Life star wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a T-shirt printed with "Banksy," alongside the socialite's former dog Tinkerbell, who died last year

This wouldn't be the first swipe Banksy has taken at Paris Hilton. A decade ago, Banksy left tampered versions of Hilton's debut album, Paris, at record stores around the UK, unbeknownst to the shop's owners. 

Witnesses have come forth and said that this most recent mural was done by a group rather than a single individual. "There were about five or six people there who sprayed the wall white first and then each one did an individual bit," Rob Bishop, who owns a store across from the wall the mural was done on, tells the Mirror"It looked like they were painting from a picture as someone was holding a piece of paper up that they were looking at."

Banksy recently launched the Disney parody park Dismaland, which you can see more of here