Keep this between us, but I think I might love gray sneakers more than white sneakers. There's just something about the color gray that is fucking perfect. These Asics are mostly gray, which is exactly why I am currently typing out sentences that may or may not be about them. Asics will forever be dad shoes to me because this one winter my dad decided his kids were getting too chunky and lazy so he started having us all go on "family runs" and he wore Asics and I remember hating that winter, but I look back at pictures around that time and my dad really slimmed me down. My dad never said the reason he had us all start running was because he noticed his kids were fat, he just said "It's time we all think about our health." I brought this up the other day to him and he looked at how tight my long shirt was fitting and said, "Maybe I should start making you run again this winter." Thanks, dad.