Amber Rose and Blac Chyna just walked the red carpet at the 2015 MTV VMAs with matching outfits. The two, skin-tight pieces are covered in a graffiti-style lettering with various derogatory and misogynist phrases that women are sometimes called. Amber's rocking the jumpsuit and Blac Chyna's in a dress, but both outfits flash the phrases "Whore," "Stripper," "Bitch," "Gold Digger" and the like. People seem to think the two are calling out their haters. 

#VMAs: OMG! Amber Rose & Blac Chyna are calling out haters on carpet.

— Bonnie Fuller (@BonnieFuller) August 30, 2015

#AmberRose takes sexist terms of abuse and blasts them right back at their users in her #VMAs outfit. Bravo!

— Tim Teeman (@TimTeeman) August 30, 2015

"Hi haters" — Amber Rose at the #VMAs

— Racked (@Racked) August 31, 2015

Either way, what a way to start the show.