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Navy blue is the thinking man’s black. It’s done playing second banana as the alternative dark color and is poised to take over your wardrobe piece by piece. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with all-black-everything, dressing like you were dipped in blue ink tells the world that your dark side has an edge to it. Unlike the goth lord associations that black has, navy’s roots skew more utilitarian than anti-fashion. It’s the color of people who get shit done, and just happen to look swaggy while doing it. It’s a versatile fashion statement that speaks to cool confidence, not flashy desperation. Isn’t that what good style is all about?

Hoodie by Timo Weiland, $215, available at
Pants by Grayers, $88, available at
T-shirt by Welcome Stranger, $42, available at
Socks by Etiquette Clothiers, $26, available at
Sneakers by adidas by Raf Simons, $455, available at
Backpack by Calvin Klein Collection, $2,925, available at
Watch by Larsson & Jennings, $550, available at
Saturdays NYC, $45, available at
Bomber Jacket by Stampd, $330, available at