Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima was at the heart of an international controversy after a video of her showing support for the terrorist group the Grey Wolves surfaced online. The Grey Wolves are a Turkish terrorist group that has killed hundreds of the nation's citizens in the past decades and even planned to kill Pope John Paul II. However, Lima apparently was told that the salute had an entirely different meaning and was tricked into doing it, reports the Daily Mail.

The video above shows Lima saying the word "bozkurtlar," Turkish for wolves, while doing the symbol associated with the terrorist group and howling. To make things even worse, it was all done as an act of kindness to the man in the video, according to Lima's spokesperson. The man approached Lima and got her to record the video under the guise that it was in support of his local gym. "She was told the hand signal and call-out were the names of his local gym," Lima's spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "She is personally disappointed that her good will was taken advantage of to create a video, released without her knowledge or consent, that upsets any community."

Hopefully, this will clear things up with a Turkish community that was justifiably upset when the video was first released without context. "It's sad and depressing that such a famous person is giving credit to such a racist, fascist ideology," Mark Campbell, a campaigner for Kurdish rights, a community that is targeted by the Grey Wolves, told the Daily Mail. The salute is extremely offensive. It's an incredibly scary thing."