Wings + Horns is really 'bout it in the ways that they do their gear with no apologies. It's like, "Hey, here it is. Take a look. What do you think? Oh, well, we don't really give a fuck cause we're just gonna keep doing it." In a world full of false swerving, that is flawless execution. Personally, I have respect for such moves and it's why I like Wings + Horns so much. Some brands out here ebb and flow, leaning wild hard into trends within their realm of influence, while others are sort of slaves to the never-ending fashion industrial complex. W+H doesn't qualify as either. Their gear is the perfect combination of cozy and technical—S/S 16 is filled with simple pieces like modified baseball shirts and field jackets. Naturally, there's the staple W+H bomber jacket too, which has become synonymous with the brand, at least for me, by now. Maybe it's not actually swerving, but being so consistent and true to your ethos that it feels like a swerve? There has to be a term for that. I guess we can just stick with "Wings + Horns."