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Are you wearing a graphic T-shirt right now? Maybe you are, maybe you're not. Maybe you've always worn them. But according to The Business of Fashion, graphic tees are back in vogue and not only that, but the first stepping stone in our journey to wearing those aspirational brands we've always dreamed of.

There was that terrible time of corny, offensive Spencer's-level graphic tees in the mid-00s, but that time seems to have thankfully passed. At Dover Street Market in London, the store has opted to have a big setup dedicated solely to T-shirts from the types of brands it tends to carry. There's also the other layer to consider: Some brands start off doing tees to build a base of money they can use to expand into other areas. They're low-cost, higher profit margin pieces that can get the brand name out there and build an audience, especially if a name is attached to it, like Bianca Chandon's Alex Olson, who has built a cult following based on an aspirational culture he himself wanted to align with that has since grown into a larger collection.

Fortunately, we don't have to worry about people wearing "I do my own stunts" tees anymore. Instead, we have obscure saying and slogans that literally don't say shit, but are more about your taste level.

[Photo via Slam Jam]