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Luxury labels know damn well how lucrative the real estate game is. Gucci and Moschino have designed hotels, while Fendi has revealed its plans to build insane condos in Miami. And now, Versace has announced a new partnership with Damac Properties to create a 50-story, 360 unit luxury apartment complex in London.

And with a name like Versace attached to the project, you know the digs are going to be next-level.

According to The National, the property will include killer amenities, like a state of the art gym, an indoor swimming pool and spa, a residence lounge, a children’s play area, a roof garden as well as a cinema. All amenities and interiors will be designed and outfitted by Versace Home.

Check out the images of what the apartment complex will look like once it’s finished. If you’re in the London area, looking for a new pad, and have an estimated $1.1 million to spend on a unit, then you’ll definitely want to keep you eye out for its completion in 2020.