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We've covered how fashion brands are steadily invading the furniture world before and this new development in London is a just another step in the direction of full-blown, 360 degree lifestyle flexing. Versace is partnering with a development company to outfit and design a 50-story, 360 unit "fashion residence" in the heart of the city set to be completed in 2020. The famous brand's Home division will design and outfit the building's lobby, amenities and interiors that include a gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, spa, owner's lounge, children's play area, roof garden and cinema.

Can you honestly fucking imagine this shit? Thankfully, we have some renderings of what the property will look like when finished and this is the definition of luxe. Residents won't have to go a single day without seeing the famous Medusa head. I'm really not sure that is a reality I would want to submit myself to even if I had the roughly $1.1 million needed to buy into one of the units. But fans of the brand will be pleased to hear that even the cutlery and wallpaper will be done by Versace. This is a whole other world of wealth I didn't even know existed, one that probably has deep, dark family secrets I personally wouldn't be able to keep out of public view. Somebody make the Migos have their passports in order.

[Photos via Multivu]