We got a press release from Uniqlo about their upcoming collaboration with Lemaire (officially being called "Uniqlo and Lemaire") and were obviously immensely excited, hoping that it would give us all the keys to the kingdom with photos of the collection. Unfortunately, it has essentially everything but. That's disappointing, but it's not without its benefits. There's a lot of important information about the drop that we'll go ahead and unpack for you. You can also see the campaign photos above, teasing what we'll see soon though there is only one menswear image featuring a thick knit shawl collar sweater and some trousers.

The collection hits stores in early October with 30 products for women and 25 for men. What you probably want to know about most are the prices though, right? That's all that really matters when it comes to large scale collabs like this. Can you fucking afford it? That's an affirmative. Here's the breakdown:

Shirts: $39.90- $49.90

Knits: $49.90- $159.90

Outerwear: $129.90- $199.90

Pants: $59.90- $89.90

Skirts: $59.90

Dress: $49.90- $129.90

Jackets: $69.90- $169.90

Cut & Sewn: $24.90- $39.90

There's also a little Q&A with Christophe and Sarah-Linh where they mention the reasons why they chose "Uniqloe and Lemaire" for the name of the collection rather than the typical "brand x brand" format: "The simplicity of the collaboration name UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE reflects Uniqlo and Lemaire's genuine partnership and common philosophy. The word 'and' expresses mutual trust. We really work hand in hand, this is as simple as that."

I don't know about you, but I imagine Christophe saying that in an extremely charming French accent. Anyway, we're hyped as shit for this. Now we just gotta wait a few months.