Tommy Ton, one of the OG street style photographers who helped refine the art of snapping the best dressed at fashion's marquee events, has wrapped up his tenure at

The photographer has created street style galleries for practically every fashion and market week to be shown on the prestigious site over the last six years. However, since Condè Nast acquired Style dot com and announced plans to turn into an e-commerce site in the near future, there probably wasn't much room left for Tommy to work his magic. In the caption of an image of Nick Wooster, Tommy wrote out his goodbye to the site.

So this is my sign off. I want to thank everyone over the last six years for their incredible outpour of support. I grew up glued to my computer screen living vicariously through the world of and never in a million years did I expect to become a contributor to the most relevant and influential fashion publication. It's sad to see it go but fashion is all about change and moving forward. I want to thank Dirk Standen, Nicole Phelps and Tim Blanks for mentoring me and giving me this platform. I, still to this day, pinch myself that I had this incredible opportunity and will be forever grateful to the team for allowing me to be a part of history. Last week was my last submission in the field and I was fortunate to have my friend, Nick Wooster, be the last image I took for Many, many thanks again, Tommy.

Wooster, who has become a god through Tommy's lens, responded graciously. "Thanks so much [Tommy Ton] — my life has been forever changed because of you!"


Stay tuned to find out where Tommy goes next—we're sure he has plenty of options.