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Raise your hand if you ever used to dread going to T.J. Maxx with your moms back in the day to cop some discounted Unionbay or maybe some tier strug Polo? WELL, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BECAUSE YOUR MOM WAS TRYING TO MAKE THE BEST OF A LIMITED BUDGET AND KEEP YOU LACED IN NEW GEAR, YOU FUCKING INGRATES. GO CALL HER AND THANK HER. I'LL WAIT.

Anyways, according to this Racked story that is reporting on a Law 360 report, a newly proposed class action lawsuit has been filed in California against the retailer for deceptive sales practices. Namely, that the "compare at" prices the retailer uses are, in fact, not based on an actual comparison of real prices at all, but rather their "buying staff's estimate of the regular, retail price at which a comparable item in finer catalogs, specialty or department stores may have been sold." While not made apparent in store, this statement is pulled directly from T.J. Maxx's website. GODDAMMIT T.J., THAT'S A LITTLE FUCKED UP. ALL OUR MOMS THOUGHT THEY WERE MAXXINISTAS, BUT REALLY THEY MAY HAVE ONLY BEEN KIND-OF-A-GOOD-DEAL-MAYBE-ISTAS. If you live in California, your mom might want to get in on the action and recoup, like, 12 bucks for that new Michael Kors bag she found on the floor underneath a shoe rack.