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Most sane people who have seen the film agree that Mad Max Fury Road is not only entertaining, but it is an incredible piece of film making that will be remembered (and stolen from) for years to come. 18 years after the first Fury Road sketches were completed by storyboard artist Peter Pound, Director George Miller and his collaborators finally got to bring the post-apocalyptic world back to the big screen. The Art of Mad Max Fury Road by Abbie Bernstein (published by Titan Books) tells the story of how ideas and drawings grew into what some are calling the greatest action film of all time

Hardcore fans often buy “The Art of” books as companion pieces to films that they love because they want to know fun facts about the production process, and they enjoy looking at high-resolution stills from their favorite scenes. The Art of Mad Max Fury Road has both of those things, but it also manages to add layers to the already complex world explored in the film.

From full-page close-ups of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron on and off set, to early character and vehicle sketches, behind-the-scenes shots of action sequences, quotes from Miller and others who worked on the project, and tons of storyboard images, the 176-page book contains the kind of knowledge and insight that is typically lost to those who were not on present for the filming process. Blu-ray special features often give a satisfying peek behind the curtain, but Bernstein's book rips the curtain down and uses the Doof Warrior's guitar to set it on fire.

The Art of Mad Max Fury Road is available now via Titan Books.