Occupation: Designer, Need Supply Co.
Instagram: @marleigiela

Do: "My taste isn’t for plebeians. I’m a lover to the stoner dad look: War vet/stranded on an island vibes, trudging through the 6 with his nostalgia. Your summer ‘Do’ dude is doobie king Doc Sportello in PTA’s Inherent Vice: Birkenstocks, Westerlind Hat and an Arpenteur/Orslow/Engineered Garments get up."

Don’t: "I think Shia LeBeouf is an attractive man ruined by style choices. His looks make me want to do the opposite of 'JUST DO IT!' No, I don’t want to do it. Not when you’re wearing shit like that. You look like a Play-Doh-eating five-year-old trolling a playground. Just don’t."