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While searching for the best deal you can find online, have you ever stumbled upon Lyst? It's basically one of the biggest fashion sites online that aggregates items from across the web to help you find the best price possible using advanced code and analytics and various technical things none of you give a shit about. But here's something that may interest you: It used that very same boring approach to see what were the most talked about topics from the S/S 16 season.

Analyzing more than 2,000 posts about the season from 260 outlets, Lyst's tech broke down the nearly 700,000 words into two-word phrases, so we wouldn't end up "the" or "a" being trends. Then, it cross-referenced the phrases with what people were talking about on Twitter to give us the most accurate portrayal of the season as a whole. If you've been paying attention at all, you can probably guess what's on here. The big labels and designers get some attention and the buzzwords used to describe clothing rotate with the season as well. It's all sort of predictable, if not still relatable. Regardless, let's revel in the fact that "zip" was the most commonly used term throughout S/S 16, which is something we can all appreciate. Still though, I saw a few jackets with single zippers on them this season. Let's take this opportunity to make sure all the designers out there are aware that the only zips we acknowledge are double. Check out the full word cloud above.